Solo mining Talleo…

Even after block 10000 when Talleo daemon started requiring at least 1 transaction per block, it is possible to solo mine Talleo. Solo mining will stop when daemon runs out of unconfirmed transactions, so keeping the miner running requires restarting the miner until there is more unconfirmed transactions.

Before starting the solo miner, you need to make sure Talleod is running and it is not blocked by firewall… Ports 33802 and 33888 must be open for incoming connections. Talleod must be running and fully synced before starting solo miner or GUI wallet.

Easiest way to restart the miner is to run the miner in a loop.

This can be done under Windows with a batch file. Create a new file in same directory as miner.exe and name it “mine.bat”. The contents should be following 4 lines:

@echo off
miner.exe --log-level 3 --address TA4yACzMYuFYq7V6xVAWYHeS39jQ8w4mKRowpY6NskGuS1rZpjcWuCpdeCypwUCJrK9mGqVW9o1pY2EG3HW7BZkR2YRcc4YNa --threads 6
goto loop

With Unix-like systems, you can do same with bash script:

while true
./miner --log-level 3 --address TA4yACzMYuFYq7V6xVAWYHeS39jQ8w4mKRowpY6NskGuS1rZpjcWuCpdeCypwUCJrK9mGqVW9o1pY2EG3HW7BZkR2YRcc4YNa --threads 6

Replace the wallet address with your own and change the 6 at the end of the line to match available number of CPU cores your machine has. If you want to use the machine for something else during solo mining, you can also use less cores than maximum available.

Talleo Community forum launched

We have added community forum for people who don’t like using social networking sites, or installing Discord or Telegram.

Registration is open for everyone, and some parts of the forum can even be used without registration.

Forum uses captcha to limit spammers posting non-sense or sensitive material, and forum moderators will cleanup any malicious posts by visitors who manage to successfully complete captcha.

We will add more sections and boards to the forum as needed. Suggestions can be posted to the forum itself.

To visit the forum, browse to

How to add simple payment button for GUI wallet…

Any website can add simple code to request GUI wallet user to send TLO to specific address. GUI wallet must have been started once on the client machine to install the payment URL handler.

Only required parameter is “amount” as the recipient address is used as path of the request. Payment ID can be optionally added as “payment_id” parameter to the payment address.

Prior to version, the amount is in atomic units, 1 TLO is 100 atomic units, so 1000 atomic units is 10.00 TLO.

<a href="talleo:TA4hZYd77tqhHnjXxmq7GvZpPZSSx8CthWy9ZufqF8kjZBBN1WAg38uGLihKnLUKTgHC7qSoM5yWneVsyCdkrL6L1mgAuuuM2?amount=1000">
<img src="" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" />

Starting from version, the amount will be in TLO.

<a href="talleo:TA4hZYd77tqhHnjXxmq7GvZpPZSSx8CthWy9ZufqF8kjZBBN1WAg38uGLihKnLUKTgHC7qSoM5yWneVsyCdkrL6L1mgAuuuM2?amount=10.00">
<img src="" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" />

How to add simple payment button for Talleo webwallet

Any website can request payment from currently logged in Talleo webwallet using simple HTML form. Only required fields are “recipient” and “amount”. Other currently supported optional fields include “anonymity” and “paymentID”. Webwallet user must accept the payment using authentication code before it is sent.

Future versions of webwallet code will support “callback” field that can be used to send the transaction hash and payment details to script hosted on same server as the form.

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="amount" value="10.00" />
<input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="TA4hZYd77tqhHnjXxmq7GvZpPZSSx8CthWy9ZufqF8kjZBBN1WAg38uGLihKnLUKTgHC7qSoM5yWneVsyCdkrL6L1mgAuuuM2" />
<input type="image" src="" alt="Submit" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" />

New daemon RPC JSON methods


This method will return block hashes of blocks that contain transactions with specified transaction hashes. Results can be limited to range of block indexes.


This method will return block hashes of blocks that contain transactions with specified payment ID. Results can be limited to range of block indexes.


This method will return block indexes of blocks that contain transactions with specified transaction hashes. Results can be limited to range of block indexes.

Official Hive community

Steem blockchain was forked to Hive due to disagreement on recent actions conducted by Tron owner Justin Sun. As all the content on Steemit was mirrored up to the hard fork height, also old Talleo community on Steemit was mirrored to Hive. The new community can be browsed at We will still update the Steemit community as long as it is possible, but no further content will be automatically mirrored between the two sites.

Wallet blacklist on official mining pool

Yesterday was the first time we ever used the feature to blacklist any specific wallet addresses… I personally don’t like using the feature unnecessarily even though I was the one who initially added the feature… Everyone should have the right to mine Talleo as long as mining doesn’t cause issues to other community members… As a coin developer and leader of Talleo Project, I am responsible to people who run any service that use Talleo’s wallet daemon or node daemon. When Talleo was listed on C-Patex I made a deal with the company operating the exchange that they monitor for abnormal activity and lock any user accounts involving in such activity. This was to protect both Talleo Project and proper operation of the exchange.