Switch to mainnet

Talleo seed nodes, block explorer, and mining pools operated by team members, will have scheduled maintenance starting on November 30th to prepare switch to mainnet.

All paid and pending balances on mining pools will be backed up before the pool databases are erased and pool wallets are reset.

After successful switch to mainnet, backed up balances are paid to original addresses used when logging in on mining pools.

Swap from Bittorium to Talleo will start after premine has unlocked, which will take exactly 10 blocks from start of the mainnet.

Swap from Bittorium

From December 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 users of Bittorium can swap their coins at rate of 10 BTOR to 1 TLO by sending their BTOR coins to wallet address bTXPouErxAPNQ9Ajwtn7NE589BiU7vb8y9rRow3vZYerBVA9AL2RGb498XgkXwYpUMLagvWSYfHEmW3X2LqCxd7214jA6JuyA and e-mailing the transaction hash and Talleo wallet address to dev@talleo.org.

If the amount is larger than 1 million BTOR, screenshot of the wallet application showing the swap transaction must be sent when requested.