Basic operation of TLO-ETH bridge

The core logic of the bridge is coded in convertFrom() and convertTo() functions of the contract. convertFrom() is called from the bridge when it receives transaction to the TLO wallet with payment ID. Payment ID is decoded and used as destination ETH address. The decoding uses simple 6-bit table mapping 0-9, a-f and A-F, so […]

How to fix if GUI wallet doesn’t load blockchain…

Sometimes when starting GUI wallet, it reports “Blockchain load error” and doesn’t open. There is easy fix to this that doesn’t require deleting whole blockchain and resyncing from height 0. In Windows, the GUI wallet configuration file and blockchain data files are stored in hidden directory, so Explorer must have hidden directories set as visible. […]

Solo mining Talleo…

Even after block 10000 when Talleo daemon started requiring at least 1 transaction per block, it is possible to solo mine Talleo. Solo mining will stop when daemon runs out of unconfirmed transactions, so keeping the miner running requires restarting the miner until there is more unconfirmed transactions. Before starting the solo miner, you need […]

How to add simple payment button for Talleo webwallet

Any website can request payment from currently logged in Talleo webwallet using simple HTML form. Only required fields are “recipient” and “amount”. Other currently supported optional fields include “anonymity” and “paymentID”. Webwallet user must accept the payment using authentication code before it is sent. Future versions of webwallet code will support “callback” field that can […]

New daemon RPC JSON methods

get_block_hashes_by_transaction_hashes This method will return block hashes of blocks that contain transactions with specified transaction hashes. Results can be limited to range of block indexes. get_block_hashes_by_payment_id This method will return block hashes of blocks that contain transactions with specified payment ID. Results can be limited to range of block indexes. get_block_indexes_by_transaction_hashes This method will return […]

How to verify payments using Talleo daemon.

Payments can be verified using payment ID, wallet address and private view key of the wallet. The steps to verify payments using the RPC JSON API are: Get current block height using “/getinfo”. Pass payment ID to “/get_transaction_hashes_by_payment_id” to get list of transaction hashes. If supported by daemon, set startIndex to 0 or first block […]

API update for mining pools

Node daemon (Talleod) version 0.4.6 introduced new field in response to “getblocktemplate” API call. Field “num_transactions” now contain number of transactions included in the block template excluding the coinbase transaction. This can be directly used by mining pool to decide when the current block template might need to be refreshed… Mining pool can either refresh […]