25 October, 2019

1st block

Testnet is opened to test functions for Talleo

Pool and Miner

White paper, block explorer, official pool, CLI wallet, GUI wallet

November 2019
December 2019

Official website

Launch official website

Web wallet

Launch web wallet and make sure basic functionality works correctly

January 2020
February 2020


List Talleo on at least one exchange


Integrate Talleo with websites and third-party applications

March 2020
Q1 2021

Support for decentralized exchanges and blockchain games

Decentralized exchanges require wrapping Talleo as a token compatible with the blockchain that runs the decentralized exchange. We are planning to initially support Ethereum (ERC20) and Tron (TRC20) based decentralized exchanges using smart contracts.

Using same wrapped token as for decentralized exchanges, we can allow smart contract based games to accept payments using Talleo.

Cross-chain transactions

We are planning to implement light-weight bridge(s) that allows sending coins between two CryptoNote coins without using centralized exchange. Exchange rate can be customized and adjusted by bridge administrators.

Q2 2021
Q3 2021

API wrappers

We are writing API wrappers using C, so that wallet and node daemon APIs can be used from other programming languages than C++.

More trading pairs

Trade against for example BNB, TRX, USDT

June 2022

Deploy Binance Smart Chain bridge on mainnet

Deploy TLO-BSC bridge contract on mainnet of Binance Smart Chain.

Add wTLO to PancakeSwap

Add Binance Smart Chain version of Wrapped Talleo Token (wTLO) to PancakeSwap

June 2022
Q4 2022

Enable Binance Smart Chain bridge

Enable node.js backend of TLO-BSC bridge