How to fix if GUI wallet doesn’t load blockchain…

Sometimes when starting GUI wallet, it reports “Blockchain load error” and doesn’t open. There is easy fix to this that doesn’t require deleting whole blockchain and resyncing from height 0. In Windows, the GUI wallet configuration file and blockchain data files are stored in hidden directory, so Explorer must have hidden directories set as visible. […]

Daemon crashing on sync…

We have noticed Talleod crashing on Linux when it tries to sync with other nodes and one of the received transactions has very high anonymity level. This did cause buffer overflow in transaction validation. As a fix, we are limiting mixin count to maximum of 50.

Mining pools getting lots of rejected blocks

Due to block validation rule change at block height 10000, back-end software for mining pools need a patch. Every time a block submission is attempted, cached block template must be discarded, disregarding result of the block submission. This is because the cached block template might not have required amount of transactions and daemon has rejected […]

Missing msvcr120.dll when running Windows applications

Some of our users have reported that xmr-stak linked from our official website fails to run with error message saying msvcr120.dll can’t be found. This file is part of Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 run-time. As our builds are compiled using Visual C++ 2017 (15.9), we have not bundled installer of the older run-time libraries. There […]

Network stall on December 7th, 2019

Network stalled on block height 10008 due to logic flaw in pool software on official pool. It was not requesting new block from daemon after daemon rejected previous block submission. We rewrote the code that refreshes miner jobs to not blindly compare block height of the current job with block height of the network and […]