Talleo Community forum launched

We have added community forum for people who don’t like using social networking sites, or installing Discord or Telegram. Registration is open for everyone, and some parts of the forum can even be used without registration. Forum uses captcha to limit spammers posting non-sense or sensitive material, and forum moderators will cleanup any malicious posts […]

Official Hive community

Steem blockchain was forked to Hive due to disagreement on recent actions conducted by Tron owner Justin Sun. As all the content on Steemit was mirrored up to the hard fork height, also old Talleo community on Steemit was mirrored to Hive. The new community can be browsed at https://hive.blog/created/hive-147043. We will still update the […]

Wallet blacklist on official mining pool

Yesterday was the first time we ever used the feature to blacklist any specific wallet addresses… I personally don’t like using the feature unnecessarily even though I was the one who initially added the feature… Everyone should have the right to mine Talleo as long as mining doesn’t cause issues to other community members… As […]