Latest GUI wallet release (version 2.0.8 build 8) introduces change that will replace UTF-8 with legacy character set when converting between file paths used by CryptoNote core and GUI wallet. This should fix issues when file paths contain characters that can’t be represented by first 127 characters of ASCII character set. Used legacy character set depends on Linux locale or Windows settings for legacy applications.

Talleo version of CryptoNote core already added support earlier for Unicode API when reading environment variables containing application data directory (“AppData” under user profile directory). Due to using legacy character set, file path can only contain characters that can be represented by single character set.

The change to legacy character set was required as older Windows builds don’t use UTF-8 in legacy file I/O API. Newer Windows 10 builds have optional support for using UTF-8 for file I/O in legacy applications.

Published by Mika

Lead developer and team leader of Talleo Project