To limit the total size of wallet holding webwallet accounts, we need to periodically remove addresses that contain large number of transactions. Too many transactions will cause the wallet daemon or webwallet script to run out of memory. Symptoms might include failing transactions, missing balance information or missing transactions in the webwallet frontend.

Anyone whose webwallet account gets disabled is encouraged to import the wallet address to either command-line wallet (SimpleWallet) or the official GUI wallet (TalleoWallet). After that, all funds should be transferred to freshly created new wallet to make sure the coins don’t get locked if the wallet grows too big even for command-line or GUI wallet. If the wallet gets locked, resetting the wallet will temporarily unlock the funds.

Login key can be used directly as private spend key when importing the wallet address. For private view key, you should enter c0a7c2a842ad0d5b69fd7a26dfcd87b7674647c3a5accd9d8629ccd8848bd202.

For people who want to mine without installing local blockchain, you should use official paper wallet generator to create a new address and then when you need to transfer funds, import the wallet using remote node. Instructions to open wallet using remote node in SimpleWallet or GUI wallet are in separate post in Documentation section.

Published by Mika

Lead developer and team leader of Talleo Project