Even after block 10000 when Talleo daemon started requiring at least 1 transaction per block, it is possible to solo mine Talleo. Solo mining will stop when daemon runs out of unconfirmed transactions, so keeping the miner running requires restarting the miner until there is more unconfirmed transactions.

Before starting the solo miner, you need to make sure Talleod is running and it is not blocked by firewall… Ports 33802 and 33888 must be open for incoming connections. Talleod must be running and fully synced before starting solo miner or GUI wallet.

Easiest way to restart the miner is to run the miner in a loop.

This can be done under Windows with a batch file. Create a new file in same directory as miner.exe and name it “mine.bat”. The contents should be following 4 lines:

@echo off
miner.exe --log-level 3 --address TA4yACzMYuFYq7V6xVAWYHeS39jQ8w4mKRowpY6NskGuS1rZpjcWuCpdeCypwUCJrK9mGqVW9o1pY2EG3HW7BZkR2YRcc4YNa --threads 6
goto loop

With Unix-like systems, you can do same with bash script:

while true
./miner --log-level 3 --address TA4yACzMYuFYq7V6xVAWYHeS39jQ8w4mKRowpY6NskGuS1rZpjcWuCpdeCypwUCJrK9mGqVW9o1pY2EG3HW7BZkR2YRcc4YNa --threads 6

Replace the wallet address with your own and change the 6 at the end of the line to match available number of CPU cores your machine has. If you want to use the machine for something else during solo mining, you can also use less cores than maximum available.

Published by Mika

Lead developer and team leader of Talleo Project